Vector Value

Guidance Through Life Events

  • Understanding and confidence around your financial assets and the opportunities they provide.
  • Preparing and transitioning from accumulation phase to retirement — Where will my income come from?
  • Maximizing social security and company plan benefits
  • Analysis and advice on major purchase and sell decisions
  • Protecting your wealth, your estate, and managing your risk
  • Lifetime and testamentary gifting to family and charity
  • Expertise and compassion in guiding a surviving spouse through post-death financial matters

Investment Policy Acumen

  • Proprietary structure to provide long term liquidity, stability, and growth while managing volatility
  • Strategic investment buckets of Assured Income, Preservation, Accumulation, and Legacy
  • Disciplined investment process in building and monitoring customized tax-efficient portfolios
  • Low-cost passive management and targeted active management
  • Purposeful asset location to minimize the impact of taxes
  • Proactive tactical rebalancing liberating your income sources from the volatility of market cycles
  • Integrated with your SOJOURN wealth plan

Strategic Financial and Tax Planning

  • We serve as a fiduciary — acting solely in the interest of our clients
  • Unique process to make the challenging transition from saving to spending simple and comforting
  • Integration of your financial plan to your investment policy to provide long term growth and Assured Income
  • Navigating the changes in tax law through on-going tax minimization strategies and efficient use of pre-tax and after-tax resources
  • Estate planning, tax planning, education planning and charitable giving guidance
  • Positioning your financial assets to achieve long-term stability of your life plan

OUR GOAL: To give our clients an understanding and confidence around their financial lives that they have not experienced before.