The Sojourn Experience is Life Changing!

Sojourn is an incredibly effective way to give you understanding and confidence of your life plan – you can’t believe it until you experience it.

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SOJOURN, in a very unique way allows us to look at life decisions independently and in conjunction with each other to design a financial life path to retirement that is only and solely yours.
SOJOURN is our proprietary planning approach and application that integrates each client’s financial life plan into a unique investment policy
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The SOJOURN process creates a discipline around withdrawal strategies, staging retirement income while also integrating long-term growth investing to best take advantage of market cycles
Our approach provides confidence in meeting income needs throughout your lifetime by managing the amount of risk present in portfolios designed for the first years of retirement
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SOJOURN supports investment growth objectives by understanding the assets available for, as Einstein referred to as the eighth wonder of the world: compound growth
Our goals based investing approach brings clarity to what you are asking your assets to do short-term (income), and what you are asking your assets to do long-term (growth), to meet your life goals
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Your SOJOURN wealth plan drives the discussions regarding asset allocation, leading to an organic, dynamic investment policy based on the highly refined division of assets of Assured Income, Preservation, Accumulation and Legacy
SOJOURN is a proprietary software application developed by Thomas Fee, founder of Vector Wealth Management.
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The SOJOURN software aims to provide clients with a deeper understanding and greater confidence around their financial lives, effectively fulfilling the greater goal of the firm itself – to serve clients with expert guidance to achieve their goals.
Ultimately, the SOJOURN software creates custom-built investment policies for clients based on what they are asking assets to do. Called goals-based investing, these policies are designed to consider fluctuating income needs over time while supporting high probability returns.
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With a segmented portfolio structure, the SOJOURN process effectively funds income as much as 1-4 years in advance, providing disciplined withdrawal strategies, financial stability, and peace of mind in retirement.
SOJOURN helps our clients prepare and transition from accumulation phase to retirement — answering the question, “Where will my income come from?”
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SOJOURN is a unique process to make the challenging transition from saving to spending simple and comforting
The SOJOURN process is the Integration of your financial plan to your investment policy to provide long term growth and Assured Income
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