Investment Acumen

Proprietary asset allocation structure creating long-term liquidity, stability, and growth, while managing volatility

What We Know

Why it’s Important

How We Do It

WE CARE – we help guide our clients through complicated life events and major financial decisions through goals based investing

Together we build a unique and customized personal investment policy driven by YOUR financial life plan

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Investment Policy

Portfolio Construction

The Art of Rebalancing

Asset Location

Staging of Income

Disciplined Investment Process

We construct portfolios with a disciplined scientific approach to investing using a combination of internal research and third-party research to develop long-term strategic policy and shorter term tactical policy to take advantage of market cycles.

Stock Market Overview

Stock Market Index Source: S&P 500 Total Return Index. Index data obtained from Morningstar, Inc.

Vector’s investment acumen includes:

  • Asset Allocation Strategies driven by and integrated with the SOJOURN wealth plan
  • Investment Real Estate integrated into market based investment strategies
  • Concentrated Position Risk Management (Corporate Stock Incentive Plans)
  • Options Overlay Strategies / Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Strategic Gain/Loss Harvesting
  • Tax Efficient Portfolio Construction
  • Proactive Strategic and Tactical Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Asset location to optimize family wealth across generations
  • Legacy Asset Strategies
  • Portfolio Expense Audit
  • Investment Overlap Analysis
  • Held-Away Asset Review/Integration
  • Corporate Retirement/Benefit Plan allocation integration