About Vector

In the corner of our conference rooms we keep an empty chair to represent our clients’ presence in every meeting – a reminder of who we serve.

Over the last two and a half decades we have focused on one thing — acting only and solely in our clients’ interests. Serving as a fiduciary is both our promise and commitment.

Our core philosophy is to be free of conflicts of interest for individuals and free of conflicts of interest for our firm. Vector does not represent products or services from any financial institution or product company. We do not receive commissions on any products or services we provide to our clients. Vector as a firm does not receive any commissions or revenue streams from any of the investment products we utilize.

What Makes Us Unique?

Clients of Vector Wealth Management can benefit from the following defining characteristics:

Fiduciary approach – acting only and solely in the clients’ interest

Proprietary wealth planning software application, SOJOURN

Strategic, customized, tax efficient financial planning

Collaborative team approach with strong client relationships as a centerpiece

Disciplined investment process focusing on providing long-term liquidity, stability, and growth while managing volatility

Nearly three decades of guiding clients through life events with understanding knowledge and importantly the collective wisdom gained from its clients