Vector Mission

Our mission is to give you an understanding and confidence around your financial life that you have not experienced before.

To meet that objective, we have created SOJOURN, our proprietary wealth management application and approach. We define SOJOURN as: “a pause in the path of a longer journey”.

Vector Core Values

  • Commitment to clients and each other
  • Never compromise ethics and integrity
  • Prepare relentlessly
  • Continue to raise the bar
  • Humbly confident

How We Serve Our Clients

The Vector team members are diverse in their areas of expertise, and also have a common value shared by all – the desire and passion to serve.


Vector Wealth Management is passionate in helping clients succeed amidst complex financial situations, providing a framework to make confident, smart decisions and ultimately planning for tomorrow while getting today right!


Vector Wealth Management adopts a team-based approach to financial services, recognizing that the best way to solve unique, complex financial challenges is to utilize multiple perspectives, resources, and areas of expertise.